Explaining Crime helps readers explain crime to their readers, viewers, listeners, or anyone else. It officially launched January 2024.

It currently includes the following series:

  • Your First Five, a daily (M-F) curated list of five new crime studies. Originally a daily Medium column, Your First Five is a curated list of new studies published in peer-reviewed, academic criminology & criminal justice journals. I hope you find research to inform, inspire, and elevate your explaining crime endeavours.

  • What I Do, a series that features one person in the crime content space each week and their answers to a set series of questions about what they do. I define the “crime content space” broadly and hope to feature a wide variety of people, including crime reporters, academics, podcasters, authors, victims' advocates, YouTubers, and more. The idea is to share and spread ideas about the different ways people are doing this kind of work and tips for how to do it.

As I gain momentum, I plan to add other regular components, including tutorials, feature articles, and more.

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